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Ty: The Tasmanian Tiger

Boss Cass, an unfriendly cassowary from the billabong has been wreaking havoc all over the land in an attempt to reset natural order in the food chain. You must travel the land in search of Thunder Eggs needed to power Julia’s Machine and locate the Lost Talismans of Rainbow Cliffs before Boss Cass.

✋🏼 Boomerang
🌎 Multiple Worlds
🛠️ Skills & Upgrades
💰 Collectibles
📜 Quests
🤖 Enemies
🐯 Based on Ty



With the release of the Boomerang on Fortnite, I was hit in the face by a flying cassowary with an idea to reinvent a childhood favourite of mine: Ty The Tasmanian Tiger! - xVonKlutch

TY Tasmanian Tiger (Simplified).png

1 Player

Adventure, Roleplay, Story

Welcome to RAINBOW CLIFFS! This is so incredibly reminiscent of the original game, from the Home World to the level design, from the characters to their Australian accents! This is truly a great reflection of this great title! - Braddta98

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