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About Me

Who is xVonKlutch?

Establishing his place in the Fortnite Creator Program back in 2021 and claiming a seat as an Epic Partner, xVonKlutch is finally establishing a position within the gaming world, with a range of Creative Content being published, distributed and enjoyed by many players across Fortnite and other game titles, with positive feedback and a great response! Exciting things expected from this upcoming creator! Check it out now! #EpicPartner #xVonKlutch


With over 15 years experience working with various pieces of game development software from RPG Makers through to modern day game engines, I believe myself to be knowledgeable and competent enough to execute my creative visions to a high standard, while also providing players with unique and memorable experiences in Fortnite.

I strive to create nostalgic gaming experiences based on the classic games that players of my age group once loved and would love to see revisited or remastered in a modern day format, pairing my existing knowledge of the title and extensive research to ensure the highest possible quality is attained in the project. 

Attention to detail is absolutely vital in creating any project and maintaining the integrity of the game I am honouring, as is shown in my Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion, with an almost identical 1:1 replica of the original Spencer Mansion, and the inclusion of numerous dialogues, events and easters eggs included in the original game as subtle nods to the player.

Acknowledged by GamesRadar as a 'Meticulous' recreation of the original game, I am known to aim for nothing short of perfection in every project I adopt, and strive to always deliver the highest possible quality to my audience.

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