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Report a Bug

How To

Bug Reports and Playtests are vital to the production and longevity of any creative design on Fortnite. With each update that occurs, it is not always apparent what issues have presented themselves in the process.

Reporting Bugs helps us to maintain the quality and shelf life of any production we put out to the world, and thus it is essential and highly appreciated every time a bug report is submitted!

You can report any issues you've encountered playing any island by xVonKlutch using the Bug Report Form on this page.

Game Status Checker

You can check the Health/Status of any island created by xVonKlutch,

and check the overall progress of any upcoming releases.

*All Valid Bug Reports will appear in the Community Bug Reports section.

Experiencing Difficulties?

Experiencing issues while using the Built-in Bug Report Form?

You can access the form directly by clicking the link below

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