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Toy Story 3: Sid's House

Upon escaping Pizza Planet, Woody and the gang were spotted and snatched by none other than Sid, the horrible kid from next door! You must defend yourself against unfriendly Toys, as you search for your missing friends, and secure yourself an escape from Sid's House!

🧸 Toy World
🤖 Enemies
📚 Objectives
🎯 Challenges
🐥 Collectibles
🏆 Unlockables

🚀 Based on Toy Story



Back by request, I chose to wrap up my Toy Story Storyline with the infamous demon child next door, Sid's House! Because, surely no Toy Story creation would be complete without it! - xVonKlutch

Toy Story 3 - Sid's House Title.png

1 - 4 Players

Adventure, Roleplay, Story

If you remember the original Toy Story, you're in for a treat! Experience Sid's House like never before with a cluster of menacing toys to face, and a huge open space to explore! - Ms. Vivienne

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