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Toy Story 2: Pizza Planet

In all the excitement of visiting Pizza Planet, Andy has left his beloved toys behind! Mom is on her way back to collect you, but Buzz & Woody are missing! You must defend yourself against unwelcoming toy soldiers, as you venture through Pizza Planet in search of your friends and the forces that took them!

🧸 Toy World
🤖 Enemies
📚 Objectives
🎯 Challenges
🐥 Collectibles
🏆 Unlockables

🚀 Based on Toy Story



After the success of Toy Story 1: Home Invasion, the demand for Toy Story 2 became apparent, so I set to work on delivering the next instalment to my Toy Story timeline with a little trip down to Pizza Planet, Toy style!. - xVonKlutch

1 - 4 Players

Adventure, Roleplay, Story

We had no issues, great concept and fun to play, aesthetics were cool, love the scaled up props etc making you feel small and the challenges were clear and achievable. Well done! - Opsman

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