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Toy Story: Home Invasion

Strange Toys have invaded Andy’s House under the leadership of an Alien Android, who has taken residence somewhere inside the house. Clear out the Intruders & Search to find the Source of the Strange Toys, and fight back against the Evil Figure to reclaim Andy’s House.

🧸 Toy World
🤖 Enemies
📚 Objectives
🎯 Challenges
🐥 Collectibles
🏆 Unlockables

🌵 Based on Toy Story



Using inspiration from Toy Story and Kingdom Hearts to reimagine Andy's House in Fortnite, I wanted to create an oversized world where the player feels almost overwhelmed by their environment and thus Toy Story: Home Invasion was born! - xVonKlutch

Toy Story Home Invasion.png

1 - 4 Players

Adventure, Roleplay, Story

I like the attention to detail. I'm guessing it represents the toy story house. The key objective was a bit tough but ended up getting through it. I really liked this map! - ItzEarthy

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