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Suicide Squad: Extraction

Waking up in an abandoned hotel in a citywide lockdown, you and your squad must do whatever it takes to survive, as you fight your way to extraction. Complete tasks around the City, find missing parts, repair contraptions and clear your way through the city nightmare to make your great escape.

🦹🏻‍♂️ Themed World
🧟‍♂️ Team Survival
🗞 Complete Tasks
🔧 Find Missing Parts
🚁 Repair The Chopper
🏘 Escape The City
👤 One Life Only



One of the first games I ever published as a Fortnite Creator, prior to modernised mechanics of today, Suicide Squad is a One-Life Survival game focused on a group of criminals fighting to survive an overrun city and searching for a means of escape - xVonKlutch 

Suicide Squad Extraction.jpg

1 - 4 Players

Survival, Roleplay, Story

Me and the boys really enjoyed this game. It was challenging and well calculated, and at times left us scratching our heads. The quests were really varied and the hordes of creatures were really tough to contain! All in all, GG! - Matrix_Vito

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