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Spongebob: Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman has been awoken from his slumber and has taken SpongeBob's friend as payment! Follow the story of SpongeBob, as he searches for the treasures needed to banish the Flying Dutchman and save his good friend from a lifetime of piracy.

🧽 Authentic Storyline
🍍 Nostalgic Location
🐿️ Memorable Characters
🎬 Cinematic Cutscenes
🤖 Custom Boss Battles
🕹️ Mini-games & More
🧩 Made with UEFN



As a childhood fan of Spongebob and with the power of Unreal at my finger tips, I wanted to re-imagine the story of Spongebob and the Fllying Dutchman, utilizing cinematic effects, character models, voices and every resource available to me! - xVonKlutch

Spongebob Flying Dutchman.png

1 Player

Story, Single Player

I genuinely felt I had been thrust into the deepest depths of Bikini Bottom with this! The Environment is accurate, the characters are true to suit, the story is incredibly authentic and the cinematics really add a layer of finesse to this game! - Braddta98

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