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Resident Evil: Spencer Mansion

Follow Chris Redfield's Story as he makes his way through Spencer Mansion in search of his comrades, clues and a means of escaping alive! Based on the 1996 Resident Evil, with Nostalgic Identical Map Design, Characters, Puzzles and Storyline... Will Chris survive the horrors of Spencer Mansion? You decide...

👨🏽 Chris's Storyline
💬 Authentic Narrative
🗺️ Nostalgic Location
💭 Memorable Characters
🧩 Themed Puzzles
🧟 Based on Resident Evil 1996



With an undying love for the Resident Evil franchise and a platform at my fingertips, I was motivated to create an almost identical 1:1 replica of the Resident Evil Spencer Mansion with parallel storyline and events to match! - xVonKlutch

Resident Evil Spencer Mansion (Chris's Story).jpg

1 Player

Survival, Roleplay, Story

As a fan of Resident Evil, I gotta say, you absolutely NAILED this map. Good work! I'm extremely impressed, this is probably the best creative map I've ever played - The Renegade

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