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Resident Evil 2 : 4th Survivor

Enter Raccoon City as infamous mercenary, Hunk, The Reaper, as you navigate the treacherous path through the RPD Underground to your Extraction, blasting through waves of zombies and hideous bioweapons, to progress through the Raccoon City Underground and reach your Extraction Point unharmed!

💀 Hunk's Campaign
💬 Authentic Narrative
🗺️ Nostalgic Location
💥 Exciting Gameplay
🏆 Perks & Unlockables
🧟 Based on Resident Evil 2



In continuation to my Resident Evil 2 Collection I wanted to include the infamous mercenary himself, Hunk, the Reaper and with that I went one further and brought in reinforcements in the form of a Tofu Survivor - xVonKlutch

Resident Evil 4th Survivor (Hunk 2).png

1 Player

Survival, Roleplay, Story

An absolutely incredible reimagining of the second Resident Evil Entry, with almost perfect map replication and accompanying fear factor to match. Surprising just how playable, and then replayable this map actually was! 10/10 - Braddta98

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