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Resident Evil 2 : No Way Out!

Upon investigating a strange disturbance at the nearby Gas Station, you find yourself trapped inside with a horde of unforgiving zombies. Fight your way through waves of undead, utilising your ammunition and weapons to hold your position at the Gas Station until help arrives!

🤠 Sheriff's Campaign
🧟 Horde Battle
🗺️ Nostalgic Location
💥 Exciting Gameplay
🏆 Perks & Unlockables
🧟 Based on Ghost Survivors



To conclude my Resident Evil 2 Collection on Fortnite, I chose to recreate the infamous No Way Out Scenario, featuring the poor Town Sheriff, and his struggle for survival - xVonKlutch

Resident Evil 2 No Way Out Fortnite.png

1 Player

Survival, Roleplay, Story

A fitting end to the collection with this! The Timer and difficulty settings provide a lot of replayability, and really adds a competitive edge to the game! Really good interpretation - Braddta98

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Should you encounter any issues while playing any island created by xVonKlutch, please submit a Bug Report using the form on this website.
Alternately you can access the form directly on CognitoForms.

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