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Resident Evil: Laser Room

Enter the Red Queen's Chamber as you struggle to survive the nightmares of Resident Evil: Laser Room. Jump, dodge and dive your way through a series of moving laser beams to avoid being incinerated, and survive the impending doom of the Laser Room.

💥 Exciting Gameplay
🗺️ Nostalgic Location
🧮 Increasing Difficulty
👥 Multiplayer Compatible

👁️ First Person Compatible
🧟 Based on Resident Evil



As a slight detour from my usual Game Entries, I thought I would dive into the world of film and reimagine the iconic laser room scene from the first Resident Evil Movie... oh and did I mention, you're all going to die down here - xVonKlutch

RE Laser-Room (Alt).png

1 - 4 Players

Jump, Party, Survival

If you're a fan of anything Resident Evil, you will remember the laser room! This is an immaculate recreation of that horrific room, with visual effects, increasing difficulty and the taunting red queen to boot! Brilliant entry! - Braddta98

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