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Resident Evil: Mercenaries

Enter the Harrowing World of Resident Evil: Mercenaries as you fight to survive and conquer 5 Exciting Locations throughout the Resident Evil Universe. Gear up with a range of weapons available from the merchant, and prepare yourself for the battle of the afterlife.

👤 Single Player Mode
👥 Co-Op Compatibility
🗺️ Nostalgic Locations
🎯 Special Challenges
⭐ Weapon Unlockables
🧟 Based on Resident Evil



Driven by the idea of compiling some of the most iconic locations from throughout the Resident Evil timeline into one game, including the Spencer Mansion, RPD, Las Plagas Village, Baker's House and of course, Castle Dimitrescu - xVonKlutch

Resident Evil Mercenaries (Variant).png

1 - 2 Players

Arena, Battle, Hordes

This map was incredible, we both enjoyed it so much, there were no issues or bugs. Aesthetics are amazing and the gameplay is really fun. Great job, well done. - Opsman

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Should you encounter any issues while playing any island created by xVonKlutch, please submit a Bug Report using the form on this website.
Alternately you can access the form directly on CognitoForms.

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