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Hooligans: Storm over England

Follow the Story of 1980’s British Football Hooligans, as they storm through the streets of England, wreaking havoc across the country. Hire Crew Members, Loot Local Businesses, Gear Up and Fight off Rival Firms as you navigate the winding streets of England to the Match.

💂🏻 Based in England
⭐ Story Missions
👤 Hire a Crew
👊🏻 Fight Rival Firms
🧨 Take Over the City
⚽ Based on Hooligans
🧩 Created in UEFN



Being reminded about a controversial hidden gem from 2002, I thought I'd reimagine Hooligans: Storm over Europe with an entirely British Build, featuring British Cliches, Puns, Terminology and everything us Brits are known for - xVonKlutch

Hooligans Title Alt 2.png

1 - 4 Players

Story, Strategy

Visually speaking I cannot believe just how truly British the map design turned out to be, with so many nods to British culture alongside a very well calculated and structured game, this truly is a true representation of British Hooligans of the 80s! - NanaVK

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