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Fall Guys: Solo Showdown

You are invited to dive and dodge your way to victory in the ultimate showdown of clownery, buffoonery and straight up foolery! Navigate Obstacle Courses, Racetracks and Arenas to eliminate other players from the tournament and race your way to victory!

🏃 Exciting Races
🧩 Fun Minigames
🌈 Vibrant Maps
👑 One Winner
👾 Authentic Style
🎭 Inspired by Fall Guys



After being exposed to the weird and wonderful world of Fall Guys, I was driven to recreate a parallel experience in Fortnite, with exciting races, challenges and minigames for people of all ages to play and enjoy! - xVonKlutch

Fall Guys Solo Showdown.png

1 - 20 Players

Minigame, Parkour, Race

Staying true to the wacky theme of Fall Guys, this really does hold up as an authentic imitation of it's source game, with a variety of bright and animated minigames and environments for players to compete in. Fabulous work on this entry! - Ms. Vivienne

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