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Destroy All Humans: Area 51

In the midst of an intergalactic war, Crypto Clones have descended on Planet Earth to harvest Human DNA, but have lost contact with the Mothership! Accompany Orthopox to Find and Recover the Lost Crypto Clones and Harvest Human DNA Samples to Save your Species and Win the Invasion on Area 51!

🌍 Alien Themed World
👽 Aliens VS Humans
🔫 8v8 Team Deathmatch
🤖 Capture The Clone
🌟 Gold Loadout
✨ Powers ups & Perks



Drawing inspiration from Destroy All Humans, I wanted to design an Alien VS Humans map that was more than just a plain old "Shoot Em Up", with a clone collection type gameplay and varying points of interest on a large scale map - xVonKlutch

Destroy All Humans Area 51.png

1 - 4 Players

Capture, Team. Story

Using clones as the capture point was a really clever idea! The map is absolutely enormous and all the different Points of Interest make this game all the more engaging and dynamic to play. Great visuals and great concept. - Matrix_Vito

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Should you encounter any issues while playing any island created by xVonKlutch, please submit a Bug Report using the form on this website.
Alternately you can access the form directly on CognitoForms.

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