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Crash Team Racing: Nitro

Ready the Rocket Launcher and start your engines for a nitro-fueled race to the death, as you compete in Crash Team Racing’s Ultimate Showdown! Choose from a roster of memorable characters to bring their unique weapons into battle as you race and rocket your way to 1st place!

🏁 Exciting Races
💥 Explosive Gameplay
💰 Perks & Pickups
🏍️ Motorbikes
🦊 Based on Crash Bandicoot



Having always been a fan of Crash Team Racing I was inspired to create a similar experience inside of Fortnite, using the motorbikes and rocket launchers as the base for my imitation - xVonKlutch


1 - 8 Players

Arcade, Race, Just for Fun

This had me in stitches! We had so much fun playing this, knocking each other around with the rocket launchers and fighting each other for first place! Definitely a really fun experience with the motorbikes in Fortnite!  - Ms. Vivienne

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Should you encounter any issues while playing any island created by xVonKlutch, please submit a Bug Report using the form on this website.
Alternately you can access the form directly on CognitoForms.

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