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Crash Bandoggo: N.Trapped!

Explore Multiple Dimensions with Crash, in search of the Dimension Time Crystals needed to stop the devious Neo Cortex and Nitrox Oxide from Resetting the Sands of Time! Take on challenges, puzzles and smash crates to earn Crystals and put a stop to these bad guys once and for all! It's time to Crash the Party!

👤 Single Player
🏝️ Memorable Locations
🧩 Exciting Puzzles
🍎 Collectibles
💾 Save Progress
🦊 Based on Crash Bandicoot



Having always been a fan of the Crash Bandicoot series, I was inspired to create a similar experience inside of Fortnite, using many of the key fundamentals of Crash as the basis for this project. including apples, crates and an evil foe! - xVonKlutch

Crash Bandoggo N.Trapped.png

1 Player

Adventure, Parkour, Puzzle

This really brings back some good old memories! The accuracy to the source material is absolutely spot on, down to the impossibly infuriating bonus levels! Really good work on this reimagining of Crash Bandicoot! - Ms. Vivienne

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Should you encounter any issues while playing any island created by xVonKlutch, please submit a Bug Report using the form on this website.
Alternately you can access the form directly on CognitoForms.

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