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Bugs & Taz: Lost in Time

Granny has been tinkering with her time machine and has accidentally sucked the whole of Granville into a strange Time Paradox, including her beloved pets Bugs and Taz. It is up to Bugs and Taz to work together to help solve the mysteries of each Era and locate the Time Crystals needed to return to your own time.

👥 Co-Op Only!
🧩 Exciting Puzzles
🏝️ Memorable Locations
🥕 Collectibles
💾 Save Progress
🐰 Based on Bugs & Taz



With the desire to create an exclusively co-op experience, I was inspired by Looney Tunes Bugs & Taz to develop a puzzle game involving two players, that focused solely on communication and team building whilst still being fun! - xVonKlutch

Bugs & Taz (4K).png

2 Players

Adventure, Roleplay, Puzzle

This was a great experience and an aesthetically pleasing map,

I was surprised at how immersive it was. We enjoyed playing the map so much, working together was necessary and loved the variety of puzzles. Great job. - Opsman

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